Parochial church building project

Sector : Public and Charity

Client : Parochial Church Council, Sonning, Berkshire
Architect : Hives LLP
Project : New ancillary building in church yard
Local Planning Authority : Wokingham

All trees are legally protected by the Conservation Area and presented considerable arboricultural constraints to the siting of the building and landscape design options. After initial plans were prepared two of the best trees on the site suffered catastrophic failure during the St Jude storms which resulted in unexpected procedural complications. Whilst this initially led to added interest from the Council’s tree officer it provided a welcome opportunity for a complete design review.

Despite various initial concerns from the Council’s planning team, FDA Ltd provided crucial support on a successful planning application which involved some additional but limited tree removal and a comprehensive tree protection and new landscaping plan.

A temporary (no-dig) roadway is shown in the photo, providing essential construction access across the rooting zone of a large oak, protecting tree roots and soil structure in the churchyard. FDA Ltd continues to assist during the construction phase.

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